HackGT: Ballot

V2: July 2019 - Present

V1: Jan 2018 - Oct 2018

  • A full-stack web application for project organization, judging, and ranking designed for HackGT and any DevPost hackathon.
  • Optimized judge project assignments to provide high-scoring and high-variation projects with more judges.
  • Utilized concurrently by 800+ students and judges with nearly 200 projects during the HackGT 5 expo, and used with 40+ additional projects at smaller HackGT events.

Graphical Clock-In

Jan 2019 - Feb 2019

  • An Electron application written to allow HackGT organizers to clock-in to events and general meetings with a tap or swipe of a student ID card.
  • Implemented colorful full-screen status screens with sound (heavily inspired by Chicago Ventra) to allow the application to be used without supervision.
  • Integrated with Georgia Tech's OrgSync and Engage platforms to monitor and track attendance during meetings and other events.

Cavalier Bus Map

Oct 2018 - Dec 2018

  • Created for the Fall 2018 section of SLS 3110: Technology and Sustainability Communities at Georgia Tech, working closely with Garry A. Harris, the President of the Center for Sustainable Communities, to help make Cavalier Manor, a community within the City of Portsmouth, VA, an EcoDistrict.
  • Uses Google's GTFS to display an interactive map for the bus routes of Hampton Roads Transit.

Hershey NHS Website

V2: Jan 2018 - Jan 2018

V1: August 2015 - June 2016

  • Designed an intuitive website for Hershey High School's 150+ NHS members, officers, and advisors to access crucial data.
  • Designed a backend using PHP and MySQL for user authentication, data imports, and data presentation to consolidate all-paper records into a single location.
  • Used by 500+ students over the course of the website's lifetime since initial launch.

Cards in Virtual Environment (CIVE)

May 2017 - Present

  • An online sandbox made with NodeJS and SocketIO where players can play card games with other players anywhere in the world as if they are in the same room.